Engineering-Cotton and Jute textile

Beeba boasts of of years of expertise in the Textile sector for supply of complete projects.

Spinning auxillary machines, plain and auto looms, dyeing and finishing unit including mercerizer, shrinking range, dyeing machines, etc are sold by the company. Beeba is highly competent in the supply of all types of spare parts and accessories for all the machines.

The Company has acquired repute in the Jute sector, for giving expertise in the sector and for supply of spreader, carding, drawing and spinning machines. A complete range of spare parts reliably supplied by Beeba helps in life-long, trouble-free performance of the jute machineries.

mercerizing-machine printing-machine ring-frame
 waste-opener  Singeing-Machine  warping-machine
 Wire-Mounting-Machine  BaleOpener  Bobbins
 Cots-and-Aprons  Cot-Grinding-Machine  Card-Cans
 draw-frame  Looms